Julijana Trifkovic
Assistant professor

Organizational unit (Department)
Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary medicine 
+387 57 340 401

Anatomy and Physiology of Animals, Veterinary medicine


Graduated in 2013 at the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Sarajevo, where she was officially promoted as a student of the generation of Veterinary Faculty, and received the Charter of the University of Sarajevo. In 2018, obtained the “PhD in medical sciences – veterinary medicine” at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Belgrade. By the decision of the Senate of the University of East Sarajevo, in 2013, she was selected as an assistant in the field of the Anatomy and Physiology of Animals at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ljubljana. By the decision of the Senate of the UES in 2015, she was elected as a senior assistant in the field of the Anatomy and physiology of animals at the Faculty of Agriculture of the UES. As a promising young researcher in front of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in June 2014 she participated in “MARIE SKLODOWSKA CURIE: ESOF 2014 CONFERENCE” in Copenhagen, as part of a project funded by the European Commission “Capacity building of BiH in European Research and Technology Development Programs and Initiatives RTDPI) “. In the framework of TEMPUS “ONE HEALTH” project, she stayed at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Milan in July 2017, where in modern laboratories, generally applied in the field of Public Health / Unified Health, she gained knowledge and skills in the field of molecular and immunodiagnostics. In December 2015, she passed the professional examination for the doctor of Veterinary medicine, and as a licensed member of the Veterinary Chamber of the Republic of Srpska, she actively participates in raising the awareness and importance of the veterinary medicine profession.

Academic career


Academic career Year Institution Area
Last selection 2019 Faculty of Agriculture, East Sarajevo Anatomy and Physiology of Animals
PhD 2018 Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Belgrade Morphology and Physiology of Animals
Diploma 2013 Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Sarajevo Anatomy and Physiology of Animals



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