II study cycle – Master in Agriculture

The second studies cycle – Master studies at the study program Agriculture are organized as one-year study program (two semesters). During two semesters the student acquires 60 ECTS. All courses are one-semester and carry the appropriate ECTS number. Within the study program, 2 compulsory courses are studied (Methodology of Scientific Work and Entrepreneurship in Agribusiness) and there is a group of elective courses. Compulsory courses will provide extended knowledge in the field of methodology of scientific research, ie students acquire new knowledge to be able to participate in scientific research, writing scientific and professional papers, to gain knowledge/understanding to identify important business segments – income, expenses, cash flows, financial structure, solvency of investors (producers), business success indicators. The student acquires skills for combining theoretical and practical knowledge of biotechnical-technological elements with economic justification and the possibility of concrete application in practice; specific process of “mastering the craft” – training job professionals to achieve better economic benefits while saving money.

By taking compulsory courses, the student acquires 10 ECTS, and by taking elective courses another 20 ECTS. Professional practice is performed in the second semester (5 ECTS). By making the final – Master thesis, the student can gain 25 ECTS. The total sum of ESTS in the study program is 60.

Curriculum of the second cycle of academic studies (Master – Agriculture)   

Scientific area Agricultural sciences
Study program Agriculture
Module 1 Plant production
Module 2 Animal production
Module 3 Agroeconomics and rural developmentj


No Course code Course title



Compulsory (C)


Semester Number of classes per semester ECTS
winter summer T P
I year
1. IIP-1-1o Methodology of scientific research work O I   45 15 5.0
2. IIP-1-2o Experimental statistics O I   45 15 5.0
3. IIP-1-3i Elective course 1 I I   45 15 5.0
4. IIP-1-4i Elective course 2 I I   45 15 5.0
5. IIP-1-5i Elective course 3 I I   45 15 5.0
6. IIP-1-6i Elective course 4 I I   45 15 5.0
7. IIP-1-1o Professional practice   II 0 60 5.0
8. IIP-1-2o Study-research work   II 0 120 10.0
9. IIP-1-3o Final Master thesis   II 0 180 15.0
  Total classes per semester 360 360  
  Total ECTS per semester 30 30
  Total number of exams per semester 6 3

List of elective courses for module 1: Plant production SP AGRICULTURE (Master)


Elective courses for module 1

Plant production

1. Organic field production
2. Innovations in field production
3. Improvement and protection of agroecosystems
4. Invasive weeds
5. Processing and storage of field crop seeds
6. Agrotechnics of fodder plants
7. Mechanization in plant production
8. Plant breeding theory
9. Seed production of field crops
10. Nutrition of field and vegetable plants
11. Nutrition of fruit, vineyard and horticultural plants
12. Protection of field and vegetable plants from pests
13. Protection of fruit trees and vines from pests
14. Diseases of field and vegetable plants
15. Diseases of fruit trees and vines
16. Growing vegetables in a protected area
17. Basics of production of spicy and aromatic plants
18. Harvesting, sorting, packaging and storage of vegetables
19. Growing vegetables outdoors
20. Production of reproductive planting material
21. Pomotechniques in fruit growing
22. Designing in fruit growing
23. Designing in viticulture
24. Vine growing systems
25. Instrumental methods of chemical analysis
26. Methods of laboratory and field research of soil
27. Soil pollutants

List of elective courses for module 2: Animal production SP AGRICULTURE (Master)


Elective courses for module 2

 Animal production


Technology of food production for domestic and farmed animals


Animal genetic resources


Selection and breeding of domestic animals


Organic animal production


Physiology and reproduction of domestic animals-selected chapters


Health care and welfare of domestic animals-selected chapters


Facilities and equipment in animal husbandry


Instrumental methods of chemical analysis

List of elective courses for module 3: Agroeconomics and rural development SP AGRICULTURE (Master)


Elective courses for module 3

 Agroeconomics and rural development


Entrepreneurship in agribusiness


Business systems management in agribusiness


Agricultural production management


Rural economy


Valorization of typical and traditional products


Rural tourism