Study program Agriculture

Teaching in study program Agriculture is organized in two locations:

  • Department East Sarajevo
  • Department Bijeljina

The purpose of this program is the education of engineers of Agriculture, who are trained to work independently on jobs that require higher education and skills of the entire field of agricultural production, growing plants and domestic animals (farming, fodder plants, farming, animal husbandry, etc. .).

Study program Agriculture provides expertise and competence to work in the agricultural labor organizations, such as agricultural complexes and cooperatives; companies engaged in the sale of raw materials for agriculture; companies engaged in the seed of agricultural plants; companies engaged in marketing and sales of agricultural products; departments that processing raw industry in agriculture; family farms dealing with agricultural production; extension and the professional services of public or private sector; banks and insurance companies; agricultural inspection services; chambers of commerce and local government; secondary and higher education, scientific institutions and others.

Agriculture Undergraduate studies last 4 years and performed in 8 semesters. After completing these studies, students acquire the academic title of agricultural engineer.

I cycle bachelor studies of Agriculture
II cycle master studies
III cycle PhD studies