Mission and vision

The mission of the Faculty of Agriculture – The Faculty of Agriculture implements its basic mission through the implementation of academic standards in the education of young generations. For that cause, the Faculty of Agriculture has changed and supplemented the study programs on a number of occasions, in accordance with the social and economic needs and the current development of primary agricultural production. For this reason, we primarily focused on the education of young people in the framework of acquiring general knowledge and skills in the field of agricultural production. In order to achieve our basic mission, we have permanently committed ourselves to improve the quality of higher education and inclusion in a single European Higher Education Area. Along with the development of study programs and the quality of education, the Faculty of Agriculture develops its own teaching staff and provides modern technical equipment for carrying out scientific and research work. The Faculty of Agriculture strives to provide conditions for professional and scientific training of teachers and assistants. The Faculty deals with the organization of scientific and professional meetings publishes a scientific journal and tries to transfer the acquired knowledge and skills in the economy and society.

The vision of the Faculty of Agriculture – As a significant and recognizable higher education institution in the field of agriculture and forestry, the Faculty of Agriculture intends to take the leading position in the development of education and science in the eastern part of the Republic of Srpska and in the wider regional area. The vision of the Faculty of Agriculture is to define all aspects of the development of contemporary education and scientific research that is compatible with related faculties in the member states of the European Union and the Russian Federation. The vision of improving the quality of teaching involves improving the teaching skills of teachers and assistants. It is based on the constant need for training teachers and associates and increasing the competencies and skills of students. Realizing the development vision of the Faculty of Agriculture inevitably follows the mobility of teachers and students as one of the basic conditions for acquiring additional knowledge and acquaintance with modern scientific methods and new technologies that can be applied in our area and contribute to the improvement of primary agricultural production and the conservation and utilization of forest resources. The vision of improving the quality and the number of scientific and research results is reflected in the efforts of the Faculty for establishing partnerships with prominent Universities and scientific institutes. By establishing scientific cooperation, the Faculty would adopt positive trends of the global system of modern scientific research. The intensive cooperation of the Faculty in the realization of scientific projects with international institutions would contribute to increasing the reputation and scientific competences of teachers and associates, both in our country and abroad.