Ivana Boskovic
Assistant professor

Organizational unit (Department)
Faculty of Agriculture
+387 57 340 401

Microbiology, Plant physiology


Ivana Bošković was born on the 20th March on 1981. in Bileca, where he finished elementary school and high school. Continuing education continued in 2000 at the Faculty of Sciences in Podgorica, Department of Biology. She graduated from the Faculty of Science in Podgorica 2005 and thus acquired the title of Graduate Biologist. Postgraduate studies continued at the Faculty of Sciences in Podgorica, Department of Biology. Assistant for the scientific field of Microbiology at the Faculty of Agriculture in East Sarajevo was elected 23 December 2008 and from 09 February 2009, he worked on the same faculty. Master's thesis in the subject Microbiology of water and land, entitled “Impact of biofertilizers on soil microbial activity and growth of plants Camellia sp . and Cupressus macrocarpa Goldcrest ” defended in 2010. She was elected senior assistant from the scientific field microbiology at the Agricultural Faculty of the University of East Sarajevo 17 February 2011. She enrolled in doctoral studies at the Faculty of Sciences in Podgorica in the academic year 2012. The PhD thesis entitled: “Antimicrobial and antioxidant properties of plant extracts of the Boraginaceae family” was successfully defended on the 5th July on 2018. Besides object Microbiology at the Faculty of Agriculture in East Sarajevo, held the classes and subjects: Plant Physiology; Dendrology, Phytocenology in forestry in the study programme Forestry in Vlasenica; and the Biology and ecology of the Faculty of Philosophy in East Sarajevo. Ivana Bošković participated in the work of the commission on the evaluation of the EIA Study of the impact of the construction of buildings on the environment of the Municipality of Podgorica since 2017.

Academic career


Academic career Year Institution Area
Last selection 2016 Faculty of Agriculture, East Sarajevo Microbiology
PhD 2018 Faculty of Science, Podgorica Microbiology
Master 2010 Faculty of Science, Podgorica Microbiology
Diploma 2005 Faculty of Science, Podgorica Biology



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