Aleksandra Govedarica-Lucic
Associate Professor

Organizational unit (Department)
Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Horticulture
+387 57 340 401

Vegetable cropping, Vegetable growing, Greenhouses cultivation, Healthy herbs


Aleksandra Govedarica-Lučić, born Klepić, was born in Sarajevo on February 15, 1977. She finished primary school in Sarajevo, and secondary Chemistry and Technology School in Šabac, in 1995. She graduated at the Faculty of Agriculture of the University in East Sarajevo with an average grade of 8.80. The graduate thesis entitled “The results of testing of new pea varieties in Rimski Šančevi and Smederevska Palanka” has been awarded by 1st class pass (grade 10), and the title of a graduate agricultural engineer has been acquired. Her master thesis entitled “The Influence of Substrate and Drying Stress on the Expression of the Flower and Fruit Cucumber Development (Cucumis Sativus)”, was defended in March 2007, at the Faculty of Agriculture of the University in Banja Luka, and she was qualified as Master of Biotechnical Sciences. The PhD disertation entitled “Use of cultural practices aiming winter lettuce production in greenhouses with energy saving” was defended in 2012 at the Faculty of Agriculture of the University in East Sarajevo, and she was qualified as a Doctor of Biotechnical Science. She has been working at the Faculty of Agriculture of the University in East Sarajevo since 2000. She is mentor of a large number of final and graduate papers. She is the author of two university textbooks and a large number of scientific papers.

Academic career


Academic career Year Institution Area
Last selection 2017 Faculty of Agriculture, East Sarajevo Horticulture
PhD 2012 Faculty of Agriculture, East Sarajevo Horticulture
Master 2007 Faculty of Agriculture, Banjaluka Horticulture
Diploma 2000 Faculty of Agriculture, East Sarajevo General



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