Tanja Jakisic
Assistant professor

Organizational unit (Department)
Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Plant protection
+387 57 490 401

Pedology, Melioration, Stream management


Tanja Jakisic was born on November 30, 1981. in Sarajevo. Primary and high school finished with success, and studied at the Faculty of Agriculture at University of East Sarajevo. After graduation employed in the General Farming Cooperative at the municipality of Trnovo as a volunteer of the Employment Service Program of the Republic of Srpska, where she worked for a year. During the work in the cooperative she attended many seminars organized by USAID LAMP, IOCC, IFAD-unit for the coordination of agricultural projects, the Agency for Provision of Professional Services in Agriculture, Synergy, etc. As an assistant at the Faculty of Agriculture in East Sarajevo, the field of soil and water, she started to work from February 2009. She succesfully finished master study at the Faculty of Agriculture in Cacak, with an average grade of 9.50 (9.5/10). Master thesis “Water balance of the unsaturated zone and characteristics of the most common soils in the region of Sarajevo” was successfully defended in May 2012. From September 2012 she became senior assistent in the field of soil science. She is currently attending the third year of the doctoral studies at the Faculty of Agriculture in East Sarajevo, the study program Food chain management. Author and co-author of 27 scientific papers. Married, the mother of one child.

Academic career

Academic career Year Institution Area
Last selection 2023 Faculty of Agriculture, East Sarajevo Soil science
PhD 2022 Faculty of Agriculture, East Sarajevo Soil science
Master 2012 Faculty of Agriculture, Cacak Agronomy, soils
Diploma 2006 Faculty of Agriculture, East Sarajevo Agriculture, general



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