Igor Djurdjic
Assistant professor

Organizational unit (Department)
Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Plant production
+387 65 795 120 
+387 57 490 401

Forage crop, Care and storage of agricultural products, Crop farming


Mr. Igor Djurdjic was born on 19.12.1988. in Sarajevo. Primary and secondary education was completed in East Sarajevo. He enrolled in primary school in 2007 at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of East Sarajevo. The final work titled: “The influence of some agricultural measures on potato yield” was successfully defended in 2012. Upon completion of his primary studies, he enrolled in a master study at the same faculty. Master work titled “Yield and quality of silage of corn hybrid” was defended in 2014 and obtained the title of Master of Agriculture.

Since 2015 he has working at the Faculty of Agriculture as a senior assistant. Doctoral study “Food chain management” enrolled school year 2014/15 at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of East Sarajevo.

Academic career


Academic career Year Institution Area
Last selection 2020 Faculty of Agriculture, East Sarajevo Crop production
PhD 2020 Faculty of Agriculture, East Sarajevo Crop production – forage
Master 2014 Faculty of Agriculture, East Sarajevo Crop production – forage
Diploma 2012 Faculty of Agriculture, East Sarajevo Crop production



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