Teaching – Scientific Council

Teaching – Scientific Council of the Faculty consists of teachers and associates in full – time work at the University as well as representatives of students of all levels of study selected in accordance with the Statute of the Student Parliament. The mandates of student representatives are one year.

The Council makes decisions within its competence by a majority of the votes of the total number of members of the Teaching-scientific Council, except for decisions on the election of titles, which are made by the majority of teachers’ votes.

The sessions of the Teaching-scientific Council of the Faculty are held once a month, before the sessions of the University Senate. The Dean convenes and manages the sessions of the teaching-scientific Council. The procedure for convening, leading, deciding and other matters related to the maintenance of sessions and the work of the Council of the Faculty shall be regulated by the Rules of Procedure, adopted by the Council.

Teaching – Scientific Council

  • Adopts the Statute of the Faculty,
  • give opinion and proposals to the Senate on academic, scientific, artistic and professional issues in accordance with this Statute;
  • monitoring the work of students at the Faculty,
  • makes proposals to the Senate of the University in connection with changes in the structure and content of the study program and subjects, teaching methods and other academic issues;
  • proposes to the Rector the appointment and dismissal of the Dean according to the procedure established by a special Senate’s act;
  • elects representatives to the Senate and the Senate’s expert councils;
  • proposes to the Senate a program of development of the organizational unit;
  • establishes a commission for submitting reports for election to scientific-teaching titles and determines the proposal for the decision on the selection of candidates,
  • appoint commissions in the process of final work in the second cycle of studies,
  • performs other tasks prescribed by this Statute, the University Statute or other general acts of the University and the Faculty.

 Members of the Teaching – Scientific Council School 2022/2023:

Vesna Milic, Full professor, Dean
Sladjana Petronic, Full professor
Mirko Kulina, Full professor
Tatjana Krajisnik, Full professor
Branislav Draskovic, Full professor
Aleksandra Govedarica-Lucic, Associate professor
Miroslav Lalovic, Associate professor
Grujica Vico, Associate professor
Mirjana Jovovic, Associate professor
Vesna Tunguz, Associate professor
Dejana Stanic, Associate professor
Marko Gutalj, Associate professor
Julijana Trifkovic, Assistant professor
Stefan Stjepanovic, Assistant professor
Igor Djurdjic, Assistant professor
Radomir Bodiroga, Assistant professor
Mirjana Radovic, Assistant professor
Branka Govedarica, Assistant professor
Tijana Banjanin, Assistant professor
Boban Miletic, Assistant professor
Tanja Jakisic, Assistant professor
Nedeljka Elez, Assistant professor
Natasa Maric, Senior assistant
Milena Stankovic Nedjic, Senior assistant
Stefan Bojic,  Senior assistant
Andrija Tomic, Senior assistant
Todor Djorem, Assistant
Selena Cevriz, Assistant