The Faculty has the following departments:

Department of Plant Production
Department of Horticulture
Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary medicine
Department of Agro-economy and Rural Development
The Department is organized in such a way that it unites all scientific-teaching, scientific-research staff from a certain scientific field, regardless of where they are predominantly engaged in the organizational unit. Departments are established and perform their competences if at least two teachers from a wider or narrower scientific area are in full-time employment, with the obligation to determine the personnel composition of teaching and associate staff for each academic year.

Department have the following jurisdictions:

  • establishing plan proposals for performing teaching and research activities and / or giving opinions about them,
  • proposing teachers for individual subjects in a given academic year and giving an opinion on the content of the subjects, in accordance with the needs of the organizational unit,
  • giving proposals for evaluating the results of the work of teaching and scientific research staff at a certain department,
  • proposing commissions for preparing proposals for election to academic titles,
  • proposing commissions for evaluation and defense of masters and doctoral theses,
  • proposing the development of the textbooks necessary for conducting the scientific-teaching process on subjects for which is the department in charge,
  • proposing review for textbooks and scientific works that will be published as a University edition,
  • other competences determined by the laws and sub-legal acts, as well as other general acts of the University.