III study cycle – PhD Food chain management

The doctoral study program Food Chain Management is organized as a three-year study program. Based on teaching activities (lectures, exercises, seminars, etc.) and taking exams, candidates can achieve a maximum of 47 ECTS. Other 133 ECTS students gain through compulsory and elective activities (presentations and publication of research results) and the preparation of a doctoral thesis. These ECTS are collected during the three study years (duration of doctoral studies) according to the provisions of the Rulebook on Studying at Doctoral Studies and Obtaining the Title of Doctor of Science at the University of East Sarajevo.

List of compulsory and elective courses and/or modules
Number of hours of active teaching required for their performance and number of ECTS credits

Scientific area Agricultural sciences
Study program Food chain management
No Course code Course title


Compulsory (C)

Elective (E)
semester Number of classes per semester ECTS
winter summer T P
I year
1.   Food regulations C I       7
2.   Methodology of scientific research work C I       7
3.   Course from list A E I       5
4.   Scientific research C I       11
5.   Course from list A E   II     5
6.   Course from list A E   II     5
7.   Course from list B1 E   II     6
8.   Scientific research work C   II     14
II year
9.   Course from list B2 И III       6
10.   Course from list B2 И III       6
11.   Scientific research work О III       18
          IV     30
III year
12.   Scientific research work О V       30
13.   Scientific research work О   VI     30
Total ECTS per semester 180

List of elective courses

List of electives A

Food toxicology

Risk assessment of food

Quality management in food production

Selected chapters of methods for monitoring food safety

Selected Chapters in Advanced microbiology

Selected chapters of Experimental statistics

Ethics in food production

Food biosecurity

List of electives B1

Plant genetic resources

Production of fodder plant seeds

Crop production for biomass and energy

Physiological basis of plant nutrition

Ethology and welfare of domestic animals

Biology and reproduction of fruit trees

Modern fruit growing systems and auxiliary techniques

Ampelography and winemaking

Ecology and agrotechnics of vegetable plants

Integral plant protection

Marketing and market of agricultural products

List of electives B2

Industrial plant seed production

Application of classical and molecular genetics in plant breeding

Plant stress physiology

Physiology of plant growth, development and productivity

Production systems in animal husbandry

Organic animal husbandry production

Pomology in fruit growing

Breeding of fruit trees and vines

Integral fruit production

Modern vegetable production technology

Nursery vegetable production

Cost and investment management in agribusiness

Ecology and agroecosystems

Applied entomology

Production systems in agribusiness

Irrigation of agricultural crops