The Dean are represented  by the Faculty in accordance with the competencies prescribed by the Law on Higher Education and the Statute of the University of East Sarajevo. The function of Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture in East Sarajevo is done by Vesna Milic, Full professor.

In addition to the scope of work stipulated by the Law and the Statute, the Dean of the Faculty is also responsible for:

  • represents the Faculty, in accordance with the Law, the Statute of the University and the Statute of the Faculty;
  • organizes and manages the work of the Faculty;
  • decides on the use of the Faculty’s resources up to the amount of 10,000 KM, in accordance with the financial plan of the Faculty;
  • Provides an efficient, economical and comprehensive use of funds allocated to the faculty by the university;
  • executes decisions of the Teaching – scientific Council of the Faculty and the bodies of the University;
  • passes individual acts in accordance with this Statute, the Statute of the University and other general acts of the University;
  • Presiding over the sessions of the Teaching-scientific Council of the Faculty;
  • proposes organizational, academic and non-academic structure at the Faculty;
  • is responsible for the organization and execution of the scientific-teaching process at the Faculty;
  • passes individual acts in accordance with the Statute of the University, this Statute and other general acts,
  • develop and cooperate with institutions and institutions within the scope of work defined by the University Statute and this Statute,
  • sign contracts with relevant faculties of other universities in the country and abroad, with the prior approval of the Managing Board,
  • proposes to the Teaching-scientific Council of the Faculty of candidates for the Vice-Dean,
  • gives opinion in the process of determining the systematization of jobs at the Faculty;
  • performs other tasks prescribed by this Statute, the University Statute or other general acts.