Dean’s word

Bosnia and Herzegovina has good conditions for the development of agricultural production and food industry. With the active participation of highly educated personnel we can provide modern methodologies in this production.

The new age is age of dynamic change. Efforts to get huge amounts of cheap foods has led to the inhumane application of scientific knowledge in many specific human activity. Excessive use of chemistry and genetic engineering in primary agricultural production, as well as the use of additives, preservatives and antioxidants in the food industry, causes the problems related to polluted water, air and food. It is estimated that in the near future, the production of healthy food and drinking water will become a major problem of civilization. Consumers fear around the world is growing up.

In the global market there is a growing demand for healthy food, but also for educated personals who know to work with it. Big companies active in the field of biotechnology are investing in improving the production of quality, environmentally friendly and healthy food. Market demands are increasingly stricter both in terms of quality, as well as in terms of packaging, design and product range.

As a mountain country Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina have very important natural resources and a good starting point for implementing programs of profitable technologies and production of health-care food. Furthermore, according to development strategy of the European Union, our region is planned for primary agricultural production and capacities building for food production. Modern technologies in primary production and optimization of processes in the food industry, as an imperative for the production of high-quality food, can only be provided by the active participation of highly educated personnel. This is very important for development of our agriculture, because using knowledge and technologies, agricultural producers will be competitive in the European and world markets.

Our main objectives are the implementation of the Bologna process and raising the quality level of study. The Faculty is licensed for three study programs, but the teaching process is active under two: Agriculture and Forestry. Teaching at the Agriculture which taking place in East Sarajevo and Bijeljina has three output modules: General, Plant Production and Animal Husbandry.

The Forestry study program started from 2011 in Vlasenica.

At the study program Agriculture there is also master’s degree program. Since 2014/15 in collaboration with the Faculty of Technology in Zvornik, an interdisciplinary Doctoral Study in Food Chain Management was launched.

Improving the quality of teaching was contributed by the engagement of employees in the production of books, practicum, monographs and other scientific publications. A significant part of the activities of teachers and associates of the Faculty of Agriculture is scientific research. As a result of these activities, a large number of papers were published in domestic and international scientific journals.

We have modern laboratories, which are used in the teaching process and for scientific work. Within the framework of the Modernization of the University project, five research laboratories and two educational laboratories were equipped.

Since 2016, our Faculty tried to establish more intensive cooperation with faculties and universities from abroad. Thanks to these activities in June 2017 our students had practical training at the State Agricultural University in Voronezh (Russia), and in July, students from Voronezh came to practice at our Faculty. In August and September 2017, a group of students and professor went for training and lecturing at the Agricultural Academy in Perm (Russia). We will try to extend this cooperation in the future.

Dear freshman, you have made a good choice with the Faculty of Agriculture. Welcome!

Teachers of our Faculty will try to justify your trust.

                                                          Dean Prof. dr Vesna Milic